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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews C
  13 Ghosts
Caamora's "She"
Cabin Fever
Cache - Hidden
Cagney & Lacey - Season -1
Caddyshack - {Blu-ray}
Caddyshack” - {Blu-ray} - (Taylor)
"Cadillac Records"- {Blu-ray) - (Chris & Taylor)
"Cadillac Records" - (Prairie)
"Cadillac Records" - (Chris)
"Cake Eaters"
Call Me: Rise & Fall Of Heidi Fleiss
Californication - 1st Season
Californication - 2nd Season
Caligula - Special (3) Disc Version
Call Northside 777
Camel-Coming Of Age-DVD
Camp Rock
Cannon - Season -1-1
"Cannon: Season 1- Volume 2"- (Wayne)
"Cannon: Season 1- Volume 2"- (Garrett)
Cannon - Season -2-1
Canterbury's Law - Complete
Canvas Solaris-Penumbra Diffuse
(Captain America) - (1990)
(Captain America - First Avenger) - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Carlito's Way-Rise To Power
Carlito's Way” - {Blu-ray} - (Taylor)
Carlito's Way -Ultimate Edition
Carlito's Way - Crime Saga Collection
Caroline In The City - Season - 1
Caroline In The City - Season - 2
Carrie - Special Edition - Dan
Carrie-(1976) - {Blu-ray}
Cars - 2 - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
The Cars - Unlocked
Cashmere Mafia - Season - 1
Casino-Anniversary Edition
Casino Royale
Casino Royale (2006 Special Edition)-{Blu-ray}
Casino Royale - Movie Review - Wayne
Casino Royale - Movie Review - Kaya
Castle - Season - 1
"Castle" - Season - (2)
"Castle" - Season - (3)
Casualties of War - Special Edition
Catch & Release
Cat In The Hat
Cat Returns
The Cave
The Dick Cavett Show - Hollywood Greats
The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons
The Cell-(2)-{Blu-ray}
"Centennial Series"
Ceremony - {Blu-ray}
“Changeling”- (Chris)
“Changeling”- (Prairie)
Changing Lanes - {Blu-ray}
Chaos - 2007
Chaos Theory
Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Unrated
"Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes"
Chariots Of Fire - Special Edition
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Charmed-1st Season
Charmed-2nd Season
Charmed-3rd Season
Charmed - Season-5
Charmed - Season - 6
Charmed - Season - 7
Charmed - Season - 8th - The Final Season
Chasing Papi
Charles In Charge -1st Season
TMC Spotlight Collection: Charlie Chan”
Charlie's Angels-Second Season
Charlie's Angels - Season - 4
Charlies's Angels - The Best of
Charlie's Angels-Full Throttle
Charlie Bartlett
The Charlie Chan Collection: Vol. 1 (Charlie Chan in London / Charlie Chan in Paris / Charlie Chan in Egypt / Charlie Chan in Shanghai / Eran Trece)
Charolotte's Web
"Chasing Amy" - {Blu-Ray}-(Taylor)
Cheaper By The Dozen
Cheaper By The Dozen-2
Cheers-Second Season
Cheers-Third Season
Cheers-Fourth Season
Cheers-Fifth Season
Cheers-Sixth Season
Cheers-Seventh Season
Cheers - 8th Season
Cheers - 9th Season
Cheers - 10th Season
Cheers - 11th Season
"The Cher Film Collection"
Chicago - 40th Anniversary - CD
Chicago - Stone Of Sisyphus
Chicago Bears-Complete History
Chicken Little
Chicken Run
Children of Dune
The Children Of Huang Shi
Children Of Men - Quinn's Dvd Review
Children Of Men
Children Of Men - Movie Review
Chimpanzee" - (Disney Nature) - {Blu-ray}
China Strike Force
Chinatown - Special Edition
Chip N Dale-Rescue Rangers-Vol.1
Chip N Dale-Rescue Rangers-Vol.2
Chips - Season - 1
Chips - Season - 2
Chitty Chitty -Bang Bang
Chloe - {Blu-ray}
“Choke”- (Chris's Review)
“Choke”- (Prairie's Review)
“Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman”
The Chorus
Christine-Special Edition
Christmas Claus
Christmas With The Kranks
Christy - The Complete Series
Chronicle - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
"The Chronicles of Narnia" ("The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", "Prince Caspain and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", "The Silver Chair") - {BBC}
Chronicles Of Narnia-2 Disc-Jakob's Review
Chronicles Of Narnia-2 Disc -Wayne's Review
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"- (Blu-ray-(2) Disc Edition)
Chronicles Of Riddick-Pitck Black
Chronicles Of Riddick-Unrated Version
Chuck - Season - 1
Chuck - Season - 3
Chuck - Season - 4 - {Blu-ray}
"Chucky" - The Killer Collection
Cinderella-2 Disc Version
Cinderella Man-Collector's Edition
A Cindrella Story - (Once Upon A Song)
Cinema Paradiso - (UK Import) - {Blu-ray}
Circus Maximus-The 1st Chapter
Cities Of The Underworld - 1st Season
City Girl - {Blu-ray}
City Of Ember
"Arthur C. Clarke" - 12/16/17 - 3/18/08
Clash Of The Titans - 2010 - (Blu-ray)
Clash Of The Titans - 2010 - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
The Class-(Chris)
“The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection"
Classic Western Round-Up - Vol -1
Clerks" - {Blu-ray}
"The Clique"-(Devan's Review)
A Clockwork Orange - {Blu-ray}
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - 30th Anniversary
The Closer-Season - 1 - Wayne's Review
The Closer-Season - 1 - Kristina's Review
The Closer - Season - 2
The Closer - Season - 3
The Closer - Season - 4
The Closer - Season - 5
The Closer - Season - (4) - (Wayne's Review)
The Closer - 6th Season
Cloverfield - Wayne's Review
Cloverfield - Taylor's Review
Club Dread
Clueless - Whatever Edition
Coach - Season-1
Coach - Season - 2
Coach Carter
The Coast Guard
Coal Miner's Daughter-25th Special Edition
Joe Cocker - Hymn For My Soul
Coco Before Chanel
Cocoon - {Blu-ray}
Cocoon-The Return
Cold Creek Manor
Cold Mountain
College Road Trip
Colombiana - {Blu-Ray}
Columbo-1st Season
Columbo-3rd Season
Columbo - 6th & 7th - Season
Columbo Mystery Movie Collection - 89
Comanche Moon
The Comebacks
Coming To America - SE
Commander In Chief - Season -1-1
Commander In Chief - Season -1-2
The Commish-1st Season
"The Company Men - {Blu-ray}
The Company
Conan-The Complete Quest
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
Confessions Of A Shopaholic-(Prairie)
Confessions Of A Shopaholic-(Tamara)-{Blu-ray}
Constant Gardener
"Contact" - {Blu-ray}
Contagion - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Contagion - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
Contraband- {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
The Conversation - {Blu-ray}
Conviction - Series
Coogan.s Bluff
Cool Hand Luke - Deluxe Edition
Cool World
CopOut - {Blu-ray}
Copycat - {Blu-ray}
"Coraline" (Blu-ray)-(Wayne)
“Coraline” -(Chris)
The Core
Roger Corman Collection
Corpse Bride
The Bill Cosby Show - Season - 1
Cougar Town - Season - 1
Cougar Town - Season - 2
The Counterfeiters
The Counterfeit Traitor
The Country Girl
The Cowboys - {Blu-ray}
Coyote Ugly-Special Edition
Cowboys And Aliens - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
Cowboys And Aliens - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Cranford Collection - Cranford & Return To Cranford
“Crank: High Voltage” (2 Disc DVD) - (Chris)
Crash-Director's Cut-2005
Crash Dive
The Joan Crawford Collection - Vol-1
The Joan Crawford Collection - Vol-2
Crazies - {Blu-ray}
Crazy Stupid Love - {Bluray}
The Creature Legacy
Creepshow - 3
Michael Crichton - (Oct. 23, 1942-November 5, 2008)
Crime Story: First Season
Crime Story-2nd Season
Criminal Minds - Season - 2
Criminal Minds - Season - 3
Criminal Minds - Season - 4
Crimson Tide - Unrated
Crimson Wing"- (Disney Nature) - {Blu-ray}
Critic-Entire Season
Bing Crosby - : Screen Legends Collection
David Cross - Bigger & Blackerer
Crossing Jordan - Season - 1
Crossing Over
(Crossroads) - "Clapton" - {Blu-ray}
Crossroads - Guitar Fest
Crossing Delancey
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - {Blu-ray}
Crusade-Series -1
Crusoe – The Complete Series
Cry Baby
The Crying Game-Special Edition
Cry Wolf
CSI - First Season - {Blu-ray}
CSI - Second Season
CSI-Third Season
CSI-Fourth Season
CSI-5th Season
CS I- 6th Season
CSI - 7th Season
CSI - 8th Season
CSI-Miami-First Season
CSI-Miami-2nd Season
CSI-Miami-3rd Season
CSI-Miami - 4th Season
CSI - Miami - 5th Season
CSI - Miami - 6th Season
CSI - Miami - 7th Season
CSI-New York-1st Season
CSI-New York -2nd Season
CSI-New York - 3rd Season
CSI-New York - 4th Season
CSI-New York - 5th Season
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 7th Season"
"Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"- {Chris's Review)
"Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"- {Blu-ray-(Wayne's Review)
"Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"- (Prairie's Review)
Curious George
“Curious George Monkey Collection”
Curse Of The Golden Flower
(Cutting Edge) - {Blu-ray}
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