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“Dallas: The Complete 12th Season”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner
Release Date:
Special Features:



By the 12th season “Dallas” was full of air as crisp, cutting and hot as Texas during the summer time. If “Dallas” had been a balloon it would have taken flight as the 12th season was filled with an unexpected humor—the melodrama played for laughs. Sure J.R. (Larry Hagman) was still around to scheme and plot but absurdity rules the day. J.R. finds the tables turned and ends up in prison and at the altar waiting to get married. ---

Image & Sound:

“Dallas” looks wildly uneven here. Part of that is no doubt due to the age of the series, part of that is due to a lack of restoration and a simple transfer that adjusts some of the minor issues that dog the prints that Warner has in its vault and part of the problem is simply the audience for the series—“Dallas” at this late stage doesn’t have quite as big a following as it might have 10 years ago and, as a result, the show has a limited audience (add in syndication)which doesn’t justify spending the large sum of money (in Warner’s eyes) to do a full restoration from the original negatives. ***

That said, you can see significant variation within the same episode with a very nice image alternating with a poorly compressed shot or one that has interlace issues cropping up the next. The latter is due to sheer sloppiness on the part of whoever was in charge of doing the transfer. ***

Warner probably got a deal on all of those hated DVD 18’s (dual sided DVDs) and puts them to good use here slapping 26 episodes on three discs. *** Audio sounds good with dialogue front and center throughout the mono presentation. ---

Special Features:

Although there could have been special features assembled for the 12th season Warner doesn’t bother. It would have been nice to have a featurette focusing on the changing tone of the series and/or commentary tracks on a couple of key episodes. We don’t get anything though. ---

Final Words:

I’m very, very disappointed with the quality of the transfer and the lack of extras provided by Warner here. It’s a pity because this is probably the only home video transfer we’re going to get for the series because as the target audience for the series ages, they’ll be less demand for the show.


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