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“Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season”
Wayne A. Klein
Studio: Warner
Genre: TV-Series
Special Features: “A Living Landmark: A Tour of the Real Southfork Ranch”

The fifth season started with a bang quite as J.R. becomes a murder suspect. There’s a body in the swimming pool, J.R.’s son has been whisked away to live with Sue Ellen by Pam. Finally Ewing Oil slides to the brink of financial ruin and Miss Ellie steps in to save the day. There is more to be uncovered during this soapy season and fans will enjoy both Larry Hagman’s delicious portrayal of J.R. and the surprises in store for the residents of South Fork. ---

Image & Sound:

A tip of the hat to Warner Brothers Home Video as “Dallas” looks quite good in this full screen (the original aspect ratio) presentation. Colors are nice and flesh tones natural throughout the presentation. A kick in the pants for Warner as they continue to use dual side discs for this series on DVD. While I understand this is for financial considerations (the dual sided discs are less expensive than putting more single sided dual layered discs in each pack), the labels are difficult for many boomers to read which is the primary audience for this series. I suspect that fans would pay a couple dollars for more discs that are easier to read, handle and less susceptible to damage. The audio sounds quite good with nice crisp dialogue in the original mono presentation. We also get subtitles i n Spanish and French but no English subtitles. Again, the audience for this is aging boomers who have probably blown out their ears from too many Journey, Stix and Boston concerts. Have a heart Warner make it easier to understand what’s going on! ---

Special Features:

IWarner continues to provide extra value even in this set with a fine featurette on the real Southfork Ranch entitled “A Living Landmark: A Tour of the Real Southfork Ranch”. It features brief interviews and snippets from the show. I have to give Warner kudos for continuing to provide additional value for each set. I suppose I should forgive them for the dual side discs because it probably allowed them to put this featurette together and add it to the set. I’m hoping they continue to provide one or two featurettes per season set or commentary tracks for fans. ---

Final Words:

Once again Warner pulls out (most of) the stops for this fine series. We get a good transfer of the show on five discs. I do hope the trend towards using dual side discs dies out some time soon as I’ve never been a fan of these awkward sets. Well worth picking up for fans of this classic soap.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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