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ďDark Streets"
Taylor Carlson
Studio: Sony
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary, Deleted Scenes


Rachel Samuels directs Dark Streets. The film stars Gabriel Mann, Bijou Phillips, Izabella Miko, Elias Koteas, Jarreth J. Merz, Michael Fairman, Jordi Caballero, Tracy Phillips, and Mike Muscat. Performers of music in the film include Solomon Burke, Natalie Cole, Etta James, Dr. John, Aaron Neville, Bijou Phillips, Richie Sambora, and Toledo. ***

A nightclub owner has everything going for him Ė until he decides to look into the causes of his fatherís mysterious death. In the process of his search, he quickly descends from the perfect life into a state of sheer madness. ***

Dark Streets was a great idea for a film - a classic crime/murder story set in the Jazz Age. A lot of the film actually looks and sounds great. The only problem is, though, that many of the performances are wooden, and as a result plenty of this well-intention film comes off as unintentionally campy. ***

While Dark Streets is a good film for the most part, there are just too many things that go wrong throughout the course of the movie. The biggest problem is with Gabriel Mann. While a talented young actor, he is tragically miscast here, and he just doesnít make the filmís leading man believable or all that interesting. Likewise, plenty of the supporting cast members pretty much get relegated to the background, and never get a chance to develop the way they should. Sure, itís a musical, but thatís no reason why the movie canít have three-dimensional characters and a strong performance from the actor playing the main character. ***

Dark Streets stands as a mixed bag. While the concept of the film looks good on paper, the end result is a hit-and-miss affair. Still, despite its flaws, this is definitely a worthwhile rental title if nothing else. ---

Image and Sound:

Dark Streets was meant to look like a product of the era in which it was set, and the well-done cinematography shines through in this DVD release. The movie looks superb throughout, with a ďclassicĒ look to it. Your speakers will really shine in the musical sequences, which are obviously the highlight of the film. All in all, itís a good transfer.

Special Features:

Just some deleted/alternate scenes and a commentary track. The scenes were rightfully excised from the final film, and the commentary track, while it will be appealing to die-hard fans of the movie, isnít terribly engrossing. That said, though, Iím glad this wasnít a bare bones package.

Final Words:

Dark Streets has its highs and lows, but as a whole, there are just enough qualities that make the movie a worthwhile rental title. Rent this one before you buy.


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