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“Dave's World- Season 1"
Garrett Godwin
Studio: Paramount
TV- Series
Release Date:
August 12,08
Special Features:



After laying down the law with humor on NBC with Night Shift, three-time Emmy nominee Harry Anderson returned to television with Dave's World, which aired on CBS from 1993 to 1997, and now it's finally coming to DVD. ***

Dave Barry (Anderson) is a child from the 60s trying to live life in the 1990s as husband to wife Beth (DeLane Matthews, General Hospital), who's really tired of being the responsible and boring parent; father to sons Tommy (Zane Carney) and Willie (Andrew Ducote), and being a semi-responsible citizen in sunny Miami. Dave's best friends from college includes Kenny (Shadoe Stevens, Hollywood Squares), who claims that he was famous for recording books-on-tape, and Shel (Meshach Taylor, Designing Women), an overworked plastic surgeon who's still bitter over his divorce. When it comes to finding material for his work as humorist for the Miami Record-Dispatch, Dave can find it no better than his family, friends, and his not-so-smart yet incredibly funny next-door neighbors -- because this is Dave's World. ***

The series was based on the books of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Dave Barry, who was divorced from his wife during its run on CBS. Dave's World was on Monday nights for its first two seasons, Wednesday nights the next season but back to Mondays mid-way, and then to Fridays in the last season. Critical reception was modest, but the show performed well in the ratings as a Top 40 show. But it was not enough to be a "hit", as Dave's World was cancelled in 1997 after four years and 98 episodes. ***

Special Features:

All 23 episodes with no audio commentaries from Anderson or Barry on how the show came about, the difference between Dave the character and Dave the person in real life, interviews with cast and crew, or even a behind-the-scenes look of the series. ***

Final Words:

Dave's World hasn't been seen in syndication in several years, but it has now resurface on DVD, for it is a series that has wit, humor, and all the write stuff. ***


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