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ďThe DealĒ
Taylor Carlson
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Release Date:
Special Features:

Writer and Producer commentary, Conversation with Steven Frears, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Bios


The Deal was created for British television and aired in 2003. The presentation is directed by Steven Frears, produced by Christine Langan, and written by Peter Morgan. ***

The Deal is a companion piece to 2006ís The Queen. The film, which predated The Queen by 3 years, deals with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and his rise to power, as well as his controversies and rivalries. Newly-shot interview footage is combined with archival footage from over the years, taken from various sources. 0D ***

If you were a fan of The Queen, or youíre just intrigued by political matters (British ones in particular) in general, youíll enjoy The Deal. From start to finish this is an intriguing documentary, taking a look at some of the most interesting British political matters and individuals of recent years. The material manages to stay interesting throughout the presentation, so this is a documentary that will keep your attention. ***

Itís not a perfect documentary by any means, but itís definitely good enough for anyone even casually interested in politics to watch. The subject matter is interesting, and the documentary itself and its facts are put together we ll. ---

Image And Sound:

For the most part, video quality is good, and free of any major defects. However, the images in this presentation come from various sources, many of which were lower resolution, and some of which have been scaled. Because of this, the quality throughout varies and tends to be inconsistent Ė but thereís nothing of such low quality that it will ruin the experience. Sound is good throughout the course of the presentation, though some of the thick accents may be difficult to understand for non-British viewers (thankfully, subtitles are included.) ---

Special Features:

Three main featurettes are included on the DVD: ***

Writer/Producer Commentary: The commentary track is highly interesting Ė itís clear the crew members try to cater to audiences that arenít just limited to the United Kingdom. Because of this, you get a lot of information here that caters to British politics, and it will prove especially helpful if itís not an area in which you have a vast knowledge. ***

Conversation with Steven Frears: Running just over 20 minutes, this interview looks at a number of topics, ranging anywhere from United Kingdom politics, right down to what led to the making of The Queen, the film this documentary is largely a companion piece to. This interview is not to be missed if the sub ject matter interests you. ***

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Bios: Written biographies are included here for these two men, who have been a major part of British politics in recent years. A nice supplement to the documentary, giving some much-needed background information on these men for American audiences, who might not have the highest level of knowledge when it comes to recent British history.

Final Words:

This is an excellent documentary, and is definitely worth checking out.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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