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ďDefinitely MaybeĒ
Taylor Carlson
Studio: Universe
Release Date:
Special Features:

Deleted Scenes, Commentary, Creating a Romance, Changing Times


Definitely Maybe is directed by Adam Brooks and stars Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, and Rachel Weisz. ***

Definitely Maybe is the story of a recently divorced man, living with his daughter. One night, she is eager to hear the stories of her fatherís past romances, and know which one is her actual mother. And thus sets in motion a series of flashbacks detailing the fatherís past romantic exploits, and everyone he has loved and lost.

*** Naturally, I donít fall into the key demographic for romantic drama. And yet, Definitely Maybe works. Thereís a lot of good acting here, and the film brings just enough new stuff into the genre, while at the same time never straying from everything this type of film is known and loved for. ***

Definitely Maybeís strongest asset is its cast, namely young Abigail Breslin. Thereís not a movie Iíve seen this girl in, in which she doesnít deliver a strong performance. Not only does she hold her own with big name stars 4 times her age, she often succeeds in surpassing them. This film is no exception, and her performance here is one of her strongest yet. Combine this with some well-done cinemat ography (better than what youíd expect for this kind of movie) and youíve got an experience that doesnít fail to please. ---

Image And Sound:

For the most part, this is a great anamorphic widescreen transfer. The film looks great throughout, especially the scenes with the various New York City locales that pop up throughout the movie. My only complaint is with the grain issues in darker scenes, which seems to be a pretty common flaw on most DVDs, so itís no big deal. The audio gets the job done Ė itís not the best audio track Iíve ever heard on a DVD, but itís far from the worst.

Special Features:

Sadly, there arenít a whole lot of features on this disc Ė this comes a s a disappointment considering how good the movie is. There are just over 5 minutes worth of deleted scenes, which youíll want to check out if youíre a fan. Itís not hard to see why they didnít make the final cut, but theyíre essential viewing for any die-hard. Two other featurettes are included Ė one on the changing times in which the film is set, and your standard making-of piece, clocking it at around 15 minutes. Topping it all off is director commentary, which is a nice supplement to the film, and if you enjoyed it, even on a casual level, this will be an interesting listen.

Final Words:

Definitely (not maybe) see this film. Itís one of the finest romantic dramas of recent years.


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