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Departure-Corporate Wheel

Reviewed by: John Ferguson
Genre: AOR/MelodicRock
Country: European
Language: English
Home Page:
Length: 47:24
Label: Escape Music
Release Date: Out Now
Band Members: Timothy Lewis: Lead Vocals Mike Walsh: Guitar & Keys
  John O’Connell: Keyboards Mike Beres: Bass
  Duey Ribestello: Drums
Track Listing: Listen To What I Say Giving Me A Reason
  Corporate Wheel Comin’ My Way
  Sacrifice Fallin’ From The Sky
  Time Hallowed Ground
  Down On My Knees Look In Your Eyes
  Every Man
The Review:

US AOR-sters, Departure release their third album "Corporate Wheel", the first to feature new vocalist Timothy Lewis, and with his arrival they have produced a CD that will appeal to fans of Journey, Two Fires and Hugo. Comparisons with Journey are always dangerous, but when opener "Listen To What I say" explodes through the speakers like "Any Way You Want It", you realise that Departure are no third rate copycats. Title track "Corporate Wheel" and "Sacrifice" are perfectly structured keyboard/guitar based tracks, highly flavoured with classic Journey and in particular Hugo's debut album. The pure acoustic led ballad "Time" has Lewis reaching a perfect Steve Perry imitation, as does the prog tinged keyboard driven "Down On My Knees". The mid-tempo perfection of "Every Man" and "Giving Me A Reason" are both perfect for fans of Hugo, the latter sounding similar to "If Your Ever Lonely" from his debut CD. The massive Perry'ish ballad "Look in Your Eyes" closes this superb AOR album in fine style. With a strong album like this under their belt, Departure have the ammunition to make their mark in the world of AOR in 2003. Highly Recommended. (Review by John Ferguson)

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March 27, 2001