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"Desperate Housewives": (7th Season)
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: Disney
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

See below


\Desperate Housewives is the ultimate guilty pleasure show. Dismissing is as only a guilty pleasure is unfair; the show is smarter than some people give it credit for, and its depiction of its shallow, plastic characters exemplifies certain aspects of the Age of Consumption. (Such depictions may have had more force before the Great Recession). ***

At this point, the show has settled into a nice, easy routine. The characters are as synthetic as they ever were, and plot points emerge with a comforting predicable soap opera predictability. Susan (Teri Hatcher) has to rent out her house and experiment with (very) soft-core porn (it’s a website called Va-Va-Broom, featuring sexy house cleaning), Gabrielle’s (Eva Longoria) daughter was actually switched at birth with that of another couple, giving her some emotional reunion scenes, and Paul Young (Mark Moses) is back from jail, after Felicia Tilmer’s (Harriet Sansom Harris) attempt to frame him for her sisters murder fails. ***

If all that sounds a bit complicated, it shouldn’t. It is supposed to sound very complicated. By the end of the first season, the show had enough plot twists and secrets to last most shows five seasons, and the show has only grown more complicated over time. Like many other twist-filled shows (Lost and Twin Peaks spring to mind), Desperate Housewives probably won’t be able to answer all its questions, especially since next season will be its eight and final season. Still, it’s fun to watch it try, and if the writing isn’t as good as the show’s brilliant first season, it is still reliably entertaining.

Image and Sound:

This DVD set looks and sounds good.

Special Features:

The DVD doesn’t have a whole lot of special features, but what it has are decent. There is a piece called “Growing Up On Wisteria Lane,” a trivia game, some deleted scenes, and a bloopers and outtakes reel.

Final Words:

Desperate Housewives is a fun and clever show, one of the smartest guilty pleasures on television.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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