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“Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”
Wayne A. Klein
Studio: Columbia
Genre: Comedy
Special Features: Two part behind-the-scenes documentary, “The Casting Lounge”, “T.J.’s Float Crib”, “So You Want to Be a Man-Ho?”, “Man Ho 101”, “Reel Comedy” special from Comedy Central, commercial parody and two deleted scenes “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”

Someone is killing the great gigolos in Europe. Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schnedier) travels to Europe after the death of his wife (eaten by a shark on their vacation). T.J. (Eddie Griffin) invites Deuce to join him in Amsterdam (he’s on the run after causing dolphins to go on a savage rampage attacking blind senior citizens due to a device that Deuce develops) and he resumes his career as a gigolo living on T.J.’s boat Pimp of da Sea. Deuce discovers that there’s a secret society of gigolos and that someone within that organization is murdering the top gigolos. Deuce finds himself in the middle of it and is determined to discover who is behind it all. **

Calling this film a comedy is being generous. Really. This film looks better than “Deuce” and performs just like…well we can’t go into that because there might be a family audience out there. The film looks very good although there are occasional minor issues with edge enhancement. Trust me, you won’t notice them. ---

Special Features: A two part short documentary on the making of the film trots out the usual behind-the-scenes footage. It’s largely lacking in humor which surprised me. There are also two featurettes on the auditions for the film for the scene where Deuce encourages a girl to clean the front window of a shop a bit better so he can get a glimpse of her breasts. Plenty of T&A in this bit of audition footage which should please male fans. T.J.’s floating crib gets a featurette with plenty of juvenile humor. “So You Want to Be a Man Whore” has four parts to it including a faux commercial for the “Cock Cleanser 3000”. “Man Ho 101” gives us all the sexual maneuvers mentioned in the movie along with guesses from the cast and crew as to what they might actually be. There’s also two deleted scenes .”The Casting Lounge” gives us a glimpse into the woman window washer was cast. All I can say is that it clearly was inspired by wet T-hirt contests.

Final Words:

I have to admit I’m not a Rob Schneider fan and his appeal continues to elude me as does the often nasty humor of this film. It’s the type of stuff that would have appealed to me if I was 16 years old (I’m not) and probably wouldn’t look fondly back on (there are many of those films that make me wonder, “why the hell did I like this?”). Still, the extras are pretty decent even if the film isn’t. The humor is about as subtle as the cover image (take a look again if you missed it). It does bother me that the budget of this film could have fed an entire African nation for a year. Really, there are some crimes that just can’t be forgiven. This film is one of them.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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