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"Devil Wears Prada"
Colleen Sidi
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Comedy
December 12, 2006
Special Features: Featurettes "Trip to the big screen", "NYC and Fashion", "Fashion visionary Patricia Fields", "Boss from Hell" and "Getting Valentino", gag reel, fifteen deleted scenes, feature commentary

Meryl Streep stars as Miranda Priestly in what I think is the best role she has been in in years. She is viscous, callous and a step away from evil as the editor of "Runway Magazine." She plays the character in such a way that her coworkers fear her and grovel for one word of appreciation or gratitude. Whenever she is tired of something or someone, she will simply say "That is all" and expect her loyal subjects to simply fade away. In the middle of the high class, high stress job enters Andy (Anne Hathaway), the fashionably challenged Northwestern graduate looking to start her career in the journalism industry. Instead, much to hers and everyone elses surprise she lands the job as Miranda's second assistant. At first it is awkward and she fits in like a fish out of water. As the show progresses Andy eventually finds her groove and begins to mold into one of Miranda's fashion junkies. ****

Stanley Tucci is Miranda's right hand man and helps transform Andy into a fashion icon. He shines in the scenes that he was in and was the only one who could hold a candle to Meryl Streep. Emily (Emily Blunt) co-stars as Miranda's assistant who at first dislikes Andy because she was just biding her time at the magazine that Emily's world revolves around. Later though Andy earns her respect and she acknowledges what tough shoes her replacement has to fill once Andy moves on. There are scenes so ridiculous in this movie that Anne Hathaway wearing a size six, is called fat since all the sample sizes are two and four. This just goes to accent the madness that is the fashion industry. ****

The comic timing in this movie is priceless. The only flaw in the movie for me is when they tried to humanize Streep. It wasn't prevelant to the movie and it wasn't enough of any emotion to change my opionion of her character. Adrian Greer did fine as Andy's boyfriend but he wasn't good enough to shine above the other standouts. The movie is whitty and endearing and you have a clear cut good guy to root for and a bad guy to hate. Don't feel sorry for Andy though, she's tougher then she looks.

Image and Sound:

Obviously this is not a special effects extravaganza so nothing really to talk about here. I thought the picture could have been sharper and with more definition but it wasn't so bad that it bothered me. The sound was clear and I was able to hear the mutterings under thier breaths as well as the outspoken voices. The soundtrack was worth checking out though, the artists ranged from U2 to Alanis Morisette. There was nothing spectacular about either but I enjoyed the film a lot so they must have done something right.

Special Features:

There were fifteen deleted scenes and all I can say is thank goodness they were deleted. I watched them after the movie was done and they seemed endless. I enjoyed them because I enjoyed the characters but nothing was so important that needed to stay in the movie. In the featurette "Trip to the big screen" the actors talk about how they brought this terrific movie to life from the book "Devil Wears Prada," by Lauren Weisberger. There was some behind the scenes information along with interviews with the director and producer. "NYC and Fashion" is obviously all about the fashion. There are again interviews with cast members and crew. They talked about how much fashion impacted the direction of the movie and how the actors had to embrace the fashion word. Next up was "Fashion Visionary" which was all about Patricia Fields. She acted as the costume desingner in the film with some biography information on her. Not only did they talk about the film it also showed home pictures and how she started out in the fashion industry.

"Getting Valentino" was about getting Valentino to be in the show. The timing was right and Valentino was in town the same time they were filming a mock Valentino fashion show. The last featurette "Boss from Hell" has clips from the movie as well as non-actors telling the strangest things their horrible boss made them do. The gag reel was just a bunch of clowning around, everything a gag reel should be. There was some ad-libbing and a few bleeped out swear words. There was one commentary track and that featured just about all of the crew and none of the actors. It was fine for all of the insight that they had as far as "the making of" aspect of the movie, but I would have loved to have heard some commentary by Meryl Streep since she was the clear stand out in this film.

Final Words:

This movie is terrific and I think anyone who gets a chance to watch it, should. It's a whole other world that few can relate to but somehow we all can relate to this coming of age story.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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