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"Dexter - 4th" (Season) {Bluray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Paramount
Release Date:
August 17/2010
Special Features:

See Below


America's favorite serial killer good guy returns for another season and faces off against his most powerful adversary--the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). Dexter needs a role model for balancing family and murder. He thinks he might have found it once he I.D.'s the Trinity Killer who seems to have it all just exactly as Dexter (Michael C. Hall) does.***

Dexter suffers from exhaustion due his new baby and butts heads with Quinn. Special Agent Frank Lundey (Keith Carradine) returns now retired but he's trying to catch the one killer that got away--the Trinity Killer.***

Image & Sound:

I rented the DVD before buying the Blu-ray. The Blu-ray is worth the extra coin if you plan on watching the series again as the imagine quality, detail and colors are all superior. For most folks though the DVD will do just fine.***

Special Features:

The special features aren't exactly all that special. It's cross promotion time with episodes of "Californication", "The Tudors" and "Lock 'n Load" It seems that Showtime has been watching too many Universal TV show boxed sets.***

If you're a fan of the show the special features won't matter all that much but it would have been nice if Showtime had taken the time to include some on the DVDs.***

My only complaint is that the special features are only accessible via Blu-ray Live (or in the case of the DVD set on the internet) and include the second episode of the fourth season of "The Tudors" and interviews with the cast***.

Final Words:

This remains one of the finest seasons of the show. I just wish that Showtime would put more effort into their Blu-rays and DVD special features. I'd give this season 4 1/2 stars overall as it rarely missed the mark but give the Blu-ray 4 stars and the DVD 4 because of the lack of special features. I'm a special features geek so like that stuff when it's done well and here Showtime has dropped the ball fairly consistently with "Dexter".***


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