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"Dexter" - {5th-Season}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Paramount/Showtime
Release Date:
August 16, 2011
Special Features:

See below


The fifth season of "Dexter" takes a sharp, unexpected turn.***


Dexter tries to recover from Rita's murder by taking out more serial killing scum but, in the process, saves someone unexpectantly-Lumen (Julia Stiles)the next victim of Boyd the killer that Dexter has just offed. Lumen indicates that she's willing to take out the scum who attacked her and Dexter tries to save her.***


One of the highlights of season five is Peter Weller as a disgraced naracotics cop being used by Quinn to find dirt on Dexter. Weller makes up for the absence of John Lithgow--he's a terrific actor who hasn't been given the roles he really deserves lately (although he was brilliant in his recent appearance on "Fringe"), he shines in this season of "Dexter".***

Image & Sound:

The fifth season of "Dexter" looks pretty good on DVD although the image is occasionally a bit soft part of that is the look of the show. Detail is quite good for most of the show and colors positively pop nicely capturing the sunny, bright look of Miami.***

Audios is terrific with a strong 5.1 mix although keep in mind that dialogue is the primary focus on many of the episodes.***

Special Features:

The fifth season of "Dexter" starts with a lot of potential but I felt that the season finale petered out and disappointed a bit compared to season four. Still, season five is pretty strong over all.***

The special features as with all previous episodes of "Dexter" aren't all that great but for most fans it's about the show itself.***

We get interviews with the primary cast members for season five and a featurette on Julia Stiles fifth season appearance. I do find it disappointing that Showtime STILL doesn't include ANY commentary tracks on the episodes included.***

We also get two episodes of "The Borgias" as a cross promotional tie-in for that Showtime series. The Blu-ray offers BD-Live access to episodes of Showtime series as well.***

The DVD however uses "E-Bridge" Technology for the first two episodes of "Californication". If you don't care for this series (I'm not a fan)then this won't be much of a special feature for you.***

Final Words:

Again, the fifth season of "Dexter" is relatively strong although it doesn't quite measure up to the conclusion of season five.***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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