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“ Dexter –{Blu-ray}- Season Two
Taylor Carlson
Studio: Paramount
Release Date:
Special Features:

Tools of the Trade


Dexter began airing in 2006, and is based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. It was developed for the screen by James Manos, Jr., and stars Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez,20David Zayas, and James Remar. ***

Dexter works in a forensics lab, and is a seemingly-normal individual. But by night, when he’s off the clock, his psychopathic tendencies take over and he becomes a vigilante of sorts. On top of this, he is juggling a relationship with a single mother who was formerly in love with an abusive boyfriend. Dexter’s vigilante days may be numbered when the FBI is brought into investigate, though. ***

This is one of those TV series that I wasn’t initially aware of, but when I finally broke down and started to explore it, it came as a pleasant surprise. There’s a little bit of everything here – suspense, drama, action, psychological stuff, the list goes on. Dexter is one of the best shows on the airwaves today because it isn’t afraid to take chances and explore darker storylines. The show has been meant with some controversy for these very reasons, but that just makes this reviewer like it all the more. ***

This set contains all of the episodes of the show’s second season – episodes 13-24. The episodes are scattered across four discs. ***

All in all, Dexter’s second season doesn’t disappoint. It’s even better than the first, which was great in its own right. Dexter takes everything you thought you knew about cop drama, and throws it out the window. There literally is no other show like it. Needless to say, this Blu-Ray set comes highly recommended. ---

Image and Sound:

Paramount delivers an excellent transfer on this Blu-Ray. Fine object detail is nothing short of excellent, and the image is free of any negative anomalies except for in a few scenes. Colors are vibrant, and black levels are consistent throughout. A TrueHD lossless audio track only adds to the experience, giving the series a far better soundtrack than your average TV show on DVD. This is the way this show was meant to be experienced – with the best audio and video quality available.

Special Features:

Nothing apart from the Tools of the Trade interactive trivia game. A shame, I was hoping for some cast and crew interviews. ---

Final Words:

Dexter is one of those shows that there is really nothing else like. With so many elements from so many genres thrown together, everything comes together nicely and makes for one of the most refreshing cop dramas on TV today – if you can even call it one. For any fan of the show, this is a highly recommended set.


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