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"Dirt: The Complete First Season"
Wayne Klein
Studio: Touchstone Home Video
Genre: TV - Series
Special Features: "Celebrity Couple Gets Dirty", "Tabloid Tales", "Season Two Preview", gag reel, "Through a Lens Darkly", deleted scenes

A compulsive guilty pleasure for me, "Dirt" is a well written series starring Courtney Cox-Arquette ("Friends" as if you need to ask) as the editor of a tabloid who would use her own blood if the magazine ran out ink she's that devoted to her rag. She doesn't lie or make up stories in her magazine--instead she uses her connections and leverage (read "blackmail") to get the dirt on movie stars and celebrities so that the world can know all the news about their favorite stars. As she sees it, she's necessary and keeps the stars famous by dishing on them, their relationships and providing secrets to fans often fanning (pardon the pun) the flames and helping to keep stars "hot". her magazine "Dirt" is her life and she makes that very plain to her overworked staff. Featuring the marvelous actor Ian Hart (who played John Lennon in a couple of films but looks more like Julian Lennon) as her mentally disturbed photographer, "Dirt" is a fun series that manages to play in the dirt without getting too messy itself. ---

Image & Sound:

With a crystal clear transfer, the 13 episodes of this F/X series looks extremely good with nice, warm skin tones and accurate colors. Audio sounds quite nice as well with a dialogue coming across clear as a bell and a nice surround mix to boot. ---

Special Features:

We get a couple of marvelous featurettes. The best for me was "Season Two Preview" where the creator of the show discusses the direction for the second season of the series without giving up too many juicy tidbits. We also get a couple of short featurettes including "Celebrity Couple Gets Dirty" that focuses on the genesis of the series and "Tabloid Tales" giving us an idea as to how real life inspired reel life. There's also a brief but amusing gag reel included as well.

Final Words:

Sometimes you just don't feel like you've done an honesty day's work unless you get a bit dirty. Perhaps the same could be said of TV watching as well. "Dirt" is a solid drama with nice performances all around and some fascinating extras as well. If you're looking for something worthwhile to spent those video gift cards on, "Dirt" will deliver the goods.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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