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“Dirty Sexy Money - Season 1"
Garrett Godwin
Studio: Disney
TV- Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, and Audio Commentaries from the cast and crew."The Road to Excess: Making Dirty Sexy Money" / "Enter The Penthouse: A V.I.P Set Tour"/"Haute Couture: Dressing the Darlings"/"The Other Woman: Candis Cayne"/


Peter Krause has spent five years among the dead on HBO's Six Feet Under. Now he's among the living with the rich and powerful in ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. As attorney for the Darling family, it is the job of idealist Nick George in making sure their tawdry secrets such politician son Patrick (William Baldwin)'s affair with an transgender doesn't ever get out -- if they haven't already. But that's not Nick's only job, becuse his true mission is discovering who killed his father -- and one of them inside the family may be responsible. ***

An all-star cast includes veteran actors Donald Sutherland (2008 Golden Globe nominee) and Jill Clayburgh, DSM was one of the most-talked about shows in the fall 2007 season, and it is here on DVD with all ten episodes from season one. ***

Special Features:

DSM gives you more than the typical deleted scenes, blooper reel, and audio commentaries from the cast and crew. The first season DVD gives you the juicy scoops on what goes on behind the scenes. "The Road to Excess: Making Dirty Sexy Money" gives viewers an inside look at the Darling family through the eyes of the show's creators. You'll have an chance to "Enter The Penthouse: A V.I.P Set Tour" of the Darling mansion and exploring their lifestyle. "Haute Couture: Dressing the Darlings" focus on the show's designers, and "The Other Woman: Candis Cayne" is an exploration by the actress on her life as an transgender as well as the relationship between politician Patrick Darling and her character, who plays his mistress. ***

Final Words:

Like several of the freshman dramas, it was one of the victims of the 2007-08 Writers' Strike. Sadly, it wasn't even nominated in this year's Emmys for the categories in Drama, Writing, and Acting. Dirty Sexy Money is Dynasty in the Big Apple for the 21st century, and you can finally have it on DVD. ***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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