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ďDogville Collection"
Taylor Carlson
Studio: Warner Archives
Release Date:
Special Features:



The Dogville Comedies are directed by Zion Myers and Jules White, and were released throughout the 1930s. The voice acting/dubbing crew includes Pete Smith. ***

The Dogville Comedies were intended as a parody of the popular Vaudeville film comedies of the era. These comedies dressed dogs up as human beings and dubbed their voice, placing these ďtalkingĒ canines is a variety of comical and wacky situations, often parodying more serious film fare. ***

Prior to seeing this set I had not heard of nor was I familiar with the Dogville comedies. So viewing these discs came as something of a revelation for me. From start to finish, through countless movies, the laughs simply did not stop. The comedy fare here has aged better than a lot of the more serious fare being parodied. Itís nearly impossible to write a conventional review for this content, so Iíll keep it simple and to the point Ė pick this set up if you want to laugh. ***

Films in the set are as follows: Hot Dog, College Hounds, Who Killed Rover? A.K.A. The Dogville Murder Case, The Dogway Melody, So Quiet on the Canine Front, The Big D og House, Love Tails of Morocco, Two Barks Brothers, and Trader Hound. - Image and Sound:

The image and sound quality on this disc are quite good, given the age of the material. However itís clear that Warner didnít give the films a full-blown restoration, which is disappointing. All things considered, though, there isnít a whole lot to complain about outside of some minor dirt and print damage here and there.

Special Features:

Disappointingly, there are no special features on the disc.

Final Words:

The Dogville Comedies are hilarious and itís good to see them get a long overdue DVD release. I would liked to have seen a full-blown restoration and some bonus material, but Iím certainly not complaining. The set is strongly recommended.


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