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"Doogie Howser, M.D. – Season 3"
Jakob Brzovic
Studio: Anchor Bay
Genre: TV-Series
Special Features: Niel Patrick Harris:Growing Up on the Set, James B. Sikking: The Other Doctor Howser.

Anchor Bay has done the sit-com fan the ultimate pleasure by releasing the hit show Doogie Howser, M.D. along with all the original licensed music. Rare for a show like this, which is obviously not going to move as many units as new, more popular sit-coms like Friends or Sex in the City. ***

For those living under a rock, Doogie Howser was the the story of a genius teenager (Neil Patrick Harris) who whipped through school and was a doctor by the time he hit 16. Not all the plausible but darn fine viewing when you were a teenage also. Not only does Doogie have to deal with growing up but he has to learn about girls, friends and everything in between. ***

The third season of the show has some great episodes. The season premiere, “Summer of ‘91” is one the encapsulates everything that made the show appealing. Doogie is dealing with the fact that he’s still a virgin in a world where everybody around him has finished their growing up. He feels left behind and of course, Wanda (his long time love) is leaving for Chicago. ***

That episode is followed up by a great two parter, “Doogie has left the building” where Doogie is racked with guilt that he might have led a young patient down the wrong path. ***

It’s a good season with strong writing and Neil Patrick Harris is as good as even in the title role of Doogie. If you’re a fan of the show, this season is not a disappointment. Sure, there are a few weak episodes but for the most part it’s classic Doogie, full of angst, laughter and medicine. ***

Image and Sound:

I actually haven’t spent a lot of time with the first two seasons of Doogie Howser, M.D. on DVD so I don’t know how the transfer here compares to the other sets. It looks fine to me. The picture is sharp and clear while the sound doesn’t have any noticeable hiss or distortion to it. ***

Special Features: The special features in this four disc set are hard to find because there are only two. Both are interviews. The first is with Neil Patrick Harris has he reflects on life on the set during his first couple of seasons. We learn some information that we could have probably just surmised (NPH had to run from the set to school and back again constantly) but it’s interesting enough to listen to Neil talk for the 12 minutes the feature runs. The other interview is with Doogie’s dad, played by James Sikking, which is a bit shorter and not really as interesting. There are a few nuggets in here, like the story about the search for Doogie but I preferred Neil Patrick Harris’s interview. ***

Final Words:

Sadly, Doogie Howser, M.D. only lasted four seasons, so we only have one more DVD set to look forward to. It’s definitely worth owning the first three seasons of Doogie Howser and then purchasing the fourth season of the show blind. It was a great idea, which was executed about as well as it could have been during it’s time period (89 – 93). ***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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