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Reviewed by: Wayne Klein
Genre: Science fiction
Video: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (Please note that the Rated version is available ONLY in Full Screen 1.33:1 while the unrated version is available in both formats)
Audio: 5.1, Subtitled in English, Spanish and French
Languages English, Spanish and French
Subtitles English, Spanish and French
Length 101 and 113 minutes (Unrated “Director’s Cut”)
Rating NR and R
Release Date 2/7/06
Studio Universal Home Video
Commentary: None
Documentaries: Master Monster Makers is about the creation of all the ghouls and beasties featured in the film. Rock Formation follows The Rock going through the amkeup process.
Featurettes: Basic Training, a featurette about military advisor, Tom McAdams, who trained the cast in weapons and tactics./Rock Formation follows The Rock going through the amkeup process./
Filmography/Biography: First Person Shooter Sequence gives us the lowdown on how the sequence was created. It's followed by the full section which was edited down for the theatrical release.
Interviews: DOOM Nation is perhaps the most interesting of the extras. Talking head interviews give us a history of the game as well as people's first experiences with "Doom."
Trailers/TV Spots: Jarhead", "First Descent", and "Brick"
Alternate/Deleted Scenes: None
Music Video: None
Other: Game On! gives you helpful hints for playing "Doom 3." / If you own an X-Box, you can play a demo of the game as well.
Cast and Crew:

The Rock,Karl Urban,Raz Adoti,Rosamond Pike

Written By: David Callaham, Wesley Strick
Produced By: Lorenzo De Bonaventura/John Wells
Directed By: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Music: Clint Manshell
The Review:

There’s something refreshing about monster flicks. “Doom” definitely belongs to the monster flick subgenre of science fiction masquerading as horror. What I really like is that there’s plenty of action and no pretense when it comes to the plot; we’re not going to get well developed characters that we care for and touching moments. No we’re going to get scenes of bodies torn apart, gore, body fluids leaking everywhere and a big mess that no one wants to clean up. “Doom” may be derivative but it wears its derivative nature on its sleeve. Sarge (yep, that’s his name) (The Rock) leads an elite team of Marines on an emergency mission to Mars. It seems an alarm has been triggered indicating that something bad has happened at this research facility. Some sort of creature is lurking in the shadows making mince meat of some folks and infecting them with some sort of nasty bug that changes people. Sarge must figure out who the good guys are, who the bad guys are nd how to kill the thing that’s stalking them before there’s a chance it can migrate to Earth. ***

If you have no expectations for “Doom” you’ll enjoy it for what it is; a big, loud B-movie with well developed rippling muscles. This isn’t a movie about the acting but about reacting and all the actors do a solid job of providing just enough character moments to make them into something other than CGI game figures. Interestingly the plot to this movie has little to do with “Doom” itself which focused on a portal opened by accident to Hell unleashing various nasty creatures from there. Instead, the plot for this film borrows from “Resident Evil” (which that game, in turn, ripped off from “Night of the Living Dead” which borrowed its ideas from Richard Matheson’s novel “I Am Legend” and the film of it made with Vincent Price “The Last Man on Earth”). This is about as close as you’ll getto a gaming experience without actually playing the game itself. You may well ask why watch it then? The Rock will act as the perfect lure to pull your girlfriend (or wife) into the experience before he or she realizes how truly awful the movie is. As a monster/zombie movie it’s pretty decent with plenty of flashy effects and lots of gore. Suspense doesn’t exist simply because that requires some subtly. By the way the film is offered in both an unrated version which runs about 12 minutes longer and a rated version that has less gore. I’d suggest going for the gusto folks. You only live once.

Image and Sound:

The good news—“Doom” looks pretty darn good in this anamorphic presentation. Colors are ripe and the blood that spews is ruby red just as it should be in a movie of this sort. Clarity and definition are both sharp but the film does suffer from edge enhancement, a touch of macro blocking in a few darker, active scenes and a bit of shimmer as well. So you’ll get all your gore and you’ll be able to see it, too. The audio sounds impressive with a nice 5.1 mix. The music adds oodles to the atmospheric quality of the film and that comes across with remarkable clarity pounding out of the speakers as only a heavy metal soundtrack can at just the right fearful moments. Yep its overkill but these types of films were made for that. Oh and the tender love theme sounded great as well with its mix of fruity violins. It plays whenever you hear the bullets flying around the room. Just kidding. ---

The Extras:

The bad news—I have the feeling that we’re going to see a double dip here in a couple of months based on the special features here. “Basic Training” showcases former Marine Tom McAdams who trained the actors. We get to see various exercises they do as part of their “bonding” process and also so they learn to act like a real unit. “Rock-Formation” allows you to see (SPOILER FOLKS!) how The Rock turns from ordinary man into a nasty creature. “Master Monster Makers” takes us on a tour of the CGI and make up designs that highlight the film. “First Person Shooter” shows the development of the film’s most challenging and faithful scene was created for the film. The section concludes with the final sequence which you can view outside of the body of the film. “Doom” Nation” focuses on the origin of the game. W learn quite a bit about the differences of the various versions of “Doom” from the original simplified game to the more complex more interaxctive Doom 3. Tied into that is a demo for “Doom 3” that you can play but only if you have an X-Box. ---

Commentary: Who’d want to hear anybody talking over the sound of rushing bullets? Really isn’t that the only commentary you need? ---
Final Words:

While it’s an enjoyable B-movie, don’t expect originality or depth from “Doom”. If you go into the film accepting it for what it is (an adaptation of the game and knock off of “Aliens” and other films of that type) you’ll enjoy it. The special features are on the light side suggesting that we’re in for a double dip in about six months. My suggestion rent the video, enjoy it and then play the game. In a couple of months you’ll have a double disc special edition with commentary and all sorts of cool extra stuff to kill time. Where’s Peter Jackson’s off beat sense of humor when we need it?


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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