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"Jackie Chan's 'Dragon Force' "
Reviewed by: Wayne A. Klein
Genre: Martial arts
Video: 1.85:1anamorphic widescreen
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Languages English
Subtitles English
Length 86 minutes
Rating PG
Release Date 5/11/04
Studio NA
Commentary: None
Documentaries: None
Featurettes: None
Filmography/Biography: None
Interviews: None
Trailers/TV Spots: None
Alternate/Deleted Scenes: None
Music Video: None
Other: None
Cast and Crew: Jackie Chan, Wai-Man Chan, Hong-Yip Cheng, Chang Chung, Tai Do, Fung Feng, Mark On Fung
Written By: Jackie Chan, Edward Tang, Barry Wong
Produced By: Raymond Chow and Leonard Ho
Directed By: Jackie Chan
Music: Unknown
The Review:

What alarmed me was the warning from the Surgeon General on the package. "Warning: Watching any movies written and directed by Jackie Chan could cause hallucinations". Too late, I was already watching this surreal bit of entertainment that could be called a film only if you stretched the definition to include the description "massive chaos without a plot" Jackie Chan can be a charming performer and his American movies, although they haven't been classics, are all enjoyable. I'll cop to the fact that I enjoyed his movies with Owen Wilson and even "The Tuxedo". There's no doubt that he's a talented performer who can make even a mildly dangerous stunt look deat

h defying. I love Jackie Chan. Really I do. *** Which is why, with regrets, I have to warn you away from this mess of a movie. It's a waste of 86 minutes of your life that you'll never, ever get back again. Beyond the rivalry between the "Dragon Lord" (Chan) and his friend "Cowboy" (Mars who is a regular part of Jackie Chan's stunt team) and their attempts to escape studying, rivalry over the same girl, I can't even begin to try and give you a synopsis of this movie. Let's just say that the two friends become rivals over a woman and unite against a nasty gang that is making off with Chinese artwork. That's all I can say about the plot because most of it-even with dubbed dialogue-made no sense. ---

Image and Sound: While the picture isn't pristine, the overall look of the film is pretty good on DVD. The Surround Sound wasn't utilized all that well.
The Extras: About as bare bones as they come, "Dragon Lord" has absolutely no extras. Maybe they're hidden somewhere in the mess of the feature film like a secret code.
Commentary: Nothing here either although the poorly dubbed dialogue often sounded like it was, indeed, a commentary track.
Final Words: Mmmmm.well it's a martial arts epic. Like any martial arts film (or porn movie for that matter), the plot is immaterial. The point is the stunts. The stunts are spectacular. Just don't look for meaning or try to understand the nonsense that happens in the film. If you try, trust me, you'll be wandering around with a dazed expression on your face for days-nay-years to come.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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