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“Dragon Heat”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Dragon Dynasty Home Video
Genre: Action
Special Features: Trailers

While enjoyable in a z movie kind of way “Dragon Heat” may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This martial arts film original released in 2005 uses a hyper kinetic style of direction that will either may you dizzy with excitement or to the point of nausea. The thin plot doesn’t break any new ground and really this is a triumph of style over substance. ***

A trio of Interpol agents transporting a prisoner who is going to testify against a major crime lord. When a group of mercenaries led by Petros (Michael Biehn) attacks the convoy taking it out, former police officer Kong Lung (Sammo Hung) is lured back from retirement to lead a special ops team to hunt down Petros. ***

Looking like a collision between a Jerry Bruckheimer film, Uwe Boll and a Hong Kong martial arts marathon, “Dragon Heat” has some nice action set pieces but the writers and director role out every cliché from both genres which undermines any chance of suspending your disbelief long enough to enjoy the film. For those that can, “Dragon Heat” isn’t a bad rental when everything else (and I do mean everything else) is taken. It’s entertaining in a bad movie sort of way. ---

Image & Sound:

A handsome transfer with nice flesh tones and minimal digital artifacs, “Dragon Heat” looks better than it has any right to. The black levels are consistent and quite good. ***

Audio sounds very good with a nice, clean and clear 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround mix and a superior sounding DTS transfer as well. We do get English subtitles.

Special Features:

Not much to comment on here beyond the trailers.

Final Words:

Even bad films can be an enjoyable experience under the right circumstances. “Dragon Heat” isn’t “Plan 9 from Outer Space” bad or “Blood Rayne” bad (for a more contemporary comparison) but it’s darn close.


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