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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Dream Theater- Octavarium

Reviewed by: Wayne Klein
Genre: Prog Metal
Country: USA
Language: English
Length: 75:58
Release Date: June 7, 2005
Atlantic / Wea
Band Members: James LaBrie / vocals John Petrucci / guitar
  Jordan Rudess / keyboards John Myung / bass
  Mike Portnoy / drums & percussion
Track Listing: 1).The Root of All Evil 8:25 7).Sacrificed Sons 10:43
  2).The Answer Lies Within 5:33 8).Octavarium 23:59
  3).These Walls 7:36  
  4).I Walk Beside You 4:29  
  5).Panic Attack 8:13  
  6).Never Enough 6:46  
The Review

Dream Theater still manages to skirt the edges of both metal and prog rock by combing the two to create their own unique sound. While not their best album “Octavarium” has its moments typically though they tend to be in the shorter songs that aren’t bogged down by the band’s attempt to show off their musical muscle. The band’s latest album brims with references to the exploits of Pink Floyd and Rush but with the band’s harder edged sound they recall more often than not the bizarre mating of Metallica and 70’s era King Crimson. Interestingly enough Crimson has adopted a sound that recalls Dream Theater and other bands of the prog metal movement on their latest two releases. ***

From the Floyd like cover of “Octavarium” its clear which band this album was most influenced by. While musically adept the lyrics still tend more towards the clichéd darker edges that is inhabited by bands in the metal genre. Fans will find much to cheer about with “Octavarium” the album and the title track itself. While it rambles on for 24 minutes there are so many landscapes created by their musical heroes that it almost becomes a rock primer for the 21st century. Most of the stand out tracks are the shorter pieces such as “The Answer Lies Within” and “I Walk Beside You” which are more direct, succinct and punchier than some of the other epic jams that has characterized the band’s other albums. The playing is, as usual top notch and the production highlights the playing of John etrucci guitar playing. James LaBrie’s vocals on tracks such as “Never Enough” aren’t as up front as they could be and continue to compete with the other instruments for attention on some of the epic work outs from the album.

Final Words: ”Octavarium” is a memorable enough outing from the band and the introduction of shorter songs allows the band to focus on developing their song craft vs. developing long instrumental passages that lead to nowhere. Lyrically the band could use a bit of help. While the melodies are frequently memorable they lack the lyrical bite and innovation necessary to jump beyond the clichés of the metal genre. It’s a solid outing headed in the right direction that will still appeal to much of their core audience.


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