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Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman - The Complete Season One

Reviewed by: David Litton
Genre: TV/Drama
Video: 1.33:1 fullframe
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Length: 840 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: 05/27/2003
Studio: A&E Home Video
Commentary: None
Documentaries: None
Featurettes: "Jane Seymour: Hollywood's English Rose" featurette
Filmography/Biography: Cast and crew information
Interviews: None
Trailers/TV Spots: None
Alternate/Deleted Scenes: None
Music Video: None
Other: Interactive tour of 19th century Colorado Springs, photo gallery
Cast and Crew: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando
Written By: Assorted
Produced by: Assorted
Directed By: Assorted
Music: William Olvis
The Review:

The show that went on for five seasons and made its titular character a household name, "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" stars Jane Seymour as Michaela Quinn, the daughter of a Boston physician who heads out west to Colorado Springs only to be confronted with the harsh reality of white expansion into Indian territory. Along the way she forms a relationship with Sully (Joe Lando), who has a broken past; their relationship would soon become one of the best aspects of the series, as would Quinn's attempts to find her place in the town and earn the respect of its people. The series' beginning was somewhat rocky in places, but for the most part, it managed to capture the attention of TV viewers, enough to give it a successful run for five years.

Image and Sound

For the most part, this DVD transfer for "Dr. Quinn" looks pretty good. Measured at 1.33:1, the picture is blessed with good color saturation and some vivid hues, coupled with accurate fleshtones and an overall lack of blemishes. Contrast is generally pleasing, with solid blacks and shadow detail that is better than expected. Edges are sharp throughout with only minimal halos, although small object detail does tend to dwindle in places. Overall, it's pretty good. ***

The sound is mastered in Dolby 2.0 Surround, but doesn't really make much of a statement outside of the front end of one's system. Surrounds are only used sparsely for the musical cues, while the rest of the track remains front-heavy, with natural-sounding dialogue and channel separation that is good, but not great. The .1 LFE is pretty much non-existent here, so don't expect much low-end activity.

The Extras Spread out across five discs, "Dr. Quinn" comes with all the episodes from the first season, with a collection of extras located on Disc Five. We begin with the A&E Biography featurette "Jane Seymour: Hollywood's English Rose," which is a rather nice piece that covers Seymour's career and family life, featuring interviews with former co-stars as well as with members of her family. Next up is an interactive tour of Colorado Springs, which isn't as complex as you would think, but offers some tidbits about some of the locations shown in the series. Then we have a collection of cast bios, some awards and accolades information, and a photo gallery.
Commentary None
Final Words: Fans of "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman," rejoice! Your show is home on DVD, and it looks as if A&E put some effort into releasing it to the public. With some pretty good features and a transfer that is mostly pleasing, this is one of the better TV-to-DVD sets to come along in a while.

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June 10, 2003