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"Dukes of Hazzard Season- 5"
Daniel Moir
Studio: Warner
Genre: Tv-Series
Special Features: None


A Hazard to your health. I may be in a slim minority here, but I never found much reason beyond this show when it ran in syndication back when I was younger aside from drooling over Daisy Duke. Now don’t get me wrong, Daisy was hot for her time, but now we have the likes of Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Simpson (who portrayed the character in the awful DOH movie). Sadly after being spoiled by many a hotter women in Hollywood today the actress playing the original Daisy begins to loose her appeal, especially when she’s up against such imbecilic and predictable story archs. In this season the Duke Cousins, Vance and Coy arrive and begin a new series of adventures while Bo and Luke start a career racing in NASCAR circuit. I found the original Dukes (Sans Daisy) to be annoying enough as it is, but when a show looses it’s leads it’s time to end the show. Yes I did say the same thing about X-Files!

Although the original Dukes did come back eventually, but even so, this season seemed kind of pointless to me, done at a point where the show was either out of good ideas (not that it ever had any beyond Daisy) or the actors got so sick of their parts that they decided to try their hand at something else… OR the studio didn’t want to give them a raise… But regardless of the reasons this season came off as a poor attempt to try and revive a dying franchise, much like what happened to X-Files when Mulder quit, and Sculley’s role was significantly reduced.

My main gripes with the series remain intact. The Sheriff is too much of an idiot to make an effective nemesis, and he’s too stupid to be funny, worse yet the narrator tends to give away far too many plot twists just before they happen and the plots were predictable enough as it is.

I assume that if cops that are portrayed as inept, presumptuous and “out to get” anyone they don’t like, or cars that would be considered beat up pieces of junk today being driven really fast, or drooling over Catherine Bach are your thing you may like this show, but it offers little by way of artistic value and can be categorized as mindless entertainment. (2 out of 5)

Special Features: None. Disappointing, considering my obsession with the history behind the production. I do have many a “What were the writers thinking?” moments.

Final Words:

In general Dukes of Hazzard remains very popular, but for me, being someone who looks for genuine artistic value in a production, I found very little I felt was truly entertaining about this. Then again, hot women, and fast junky cars have never been enough to keep me occupied. The show certainly isn’t the worst to ever air, but sadly is a far cry from the best. My recommendation is a very much for fans only. I can’t see younger audiences who did not grow up with this show getting into it, as the series feels a lot like the movie, which was generally was poorly received and taught us that a hot babe in short shorts does not a great production make.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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