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“Dynasty- Season 1“
Reviewed by: Wayne A. Klein
Genre: Drama
Video: 1.33:1 Full screen
Audio: Dolby Digital 1.0 (mono)
Languages English, French, Spanish
Subtitles English, Spanish
Length 716 minutes
Rating NR
Release Date 4/19/05
Studio 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Commentary: On “Oil” parts 1-3 by co-creator Esther Shapiro, “The Separation” and “Testimony” by Esther Shapiro and actor Al Corley
Documentaries: None
Featurettes: “Family, Furs and Fun: Creating Dynasty”
Filmography/Biography: None
Interviews: None
Trailers/TV Spots: None
Alternate/Deleted Scenes: None
Music Video: None
Other: Character profiles: Fallon Carrington Colby and Steven Carrington
Cast and Crew: John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Pamela Sue Martin, Al Corley, John James
Written By: Esther Shapiro, Daniel Benton, James Brown
Produced By: Aaron Spelling, Elaine Rich
Directed By: Curtis Harrington, Richard Kinon, Nancy Malone
Music: Bill Conti
The Review:

Aaron Spelling’s soap didn’t immediately dive into a tub full of suds. The first couple of episodes dealt with some very real fallout from the energy crisis. Luckily, the headlines took a backseat to the overripe drama that spilled out like rotten fruit after the three part opener. Over the course of its nine year run “Dynasty” didn’t break any new ground but did provide a successful alternative to the beleaguered “Dallas” as that series began to fade into the sunset. The popular series was noted as much for its J.R. like Alexis Carrington Colby (played by Joan Collins during the second season) as it was for its complex storylines dealing with business deals gne awry, catfights in fountains and the affairs of the main characters. John Forsythe plays Blake Carrington CEO of the energy giant Denver Carrington. Blake must deal with his son Steven’s gay relationship and his wild daughter Fallon who is having a very hot affair with Blake’s own limo driver.

Image and Sound: Although it’s not quite as rich as Blake Carrington, “Dynasty” looks quite good on DVD with richer color and better detail than previously seen on broadcast versions of the episodes included here. The presentation of the mono sound betrays the limitations of the original source but comes across with a clean, solid and clear soundtrack. The dialogue comes across crisply. ---
The Extras:

Taking a check out Blake Carrington’s checkbook, Fox has paid to spiff up the series with a couple of nice extras. There’s two character profiles one each for the Carrington kids each one with a unique relationship to Dad. We also get a solid featurette “Family, Furs and Fun: Creating ‘Dynasty’”. This series overview looks at the development of the series and the characters during the first season of the show. ---

Commentary: Fox has co-creator Esther Shapiro do a commentary on the trio entitled “Oil” that premiered the new series on ABC. Likewise, Shapiro also does the honors with actor Al Corley (who played Steven Carrington during the first season) on two critical episodes “The Separation” and “The Testimony”. The commentary tracks are insightful providing lots of trivia about the series (including the fact that actor George Peppard was the original choice for Blake Carrington and John Forsythe who did such a terrific job of bringing the character to life was Shapiro’s back up plan in case Peppard said no). Shapiro and Corley provide a fun, down to earth commentary track. The chatty Shapiro doesn’t dish per se but does provide lots of interesting behind the scenes tidbits. ---
Final Words: A nice, top notch transfer from Fox is a highlight for this fine boxed set. The extras are in keeping with the best work that Fox has done with shows from the same time frame. Hopefully this will sell well enough so that Fox will consider releasing additional sets with extras and commentary tracks.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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