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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews G
"The Clark Gable Collection Volume 1 [3-Disc / 3-Movie Box Set"
Peter Gabriel-Still Growing Up
Galaxy Quest-10th Anniversary
Gallipoli-Special Edition
Game Over
Game Of Thrones - (Season - 1) - {Blu-ray}
The Game Plan
Gangs Of New York - (Blu-ray)
Gangs Of New York -"Remastered" - (Blu-ray)
Jerry Garcia-Shoreline Concert
Garden State
“Garfield - A Tail of Two Kitties"
Judy Garland Show-Vol-2
Gary Unmarried - Season- 1
The Gathering - Warner Archives
Gavin & Stacey - Season-1
General Hospital - Night Shift - Season -1
“Generation Kill”- (Blu-ray)
“Genesis II” -(Warner Archives)
Genesis-Way We Walk-Dvd
Genesis - When in Rome - Concert - (Paul's Review)
Gentlemen Broncos
George Of The Jungle:2
Georgia Rule
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Get Shorty-Special Edition
Get Smart - 2008
Get Smart - Complete Series
Get Smart - Complete - 1995- Series
G-Force- {Blu-ray}
Ghost - {Blu-ray}
Ghost - Special Edition
Ghostbusters- 1st & 2nd l Edition Gift Set
Ghost of Girlfriends Past- (Chris)
Ghost of Girlfriends Past- (Prairie)
“Ghosts of Mars” (Blu-ray)
Ghosts Of The Abyss
Ghost Rider - 2 Disc Version
"Ghost Town"
Ghost Whisperer - Season - 1 -Wayne's Review
Ghost Whisperer - Season - 1 -Colleen's Review
Ghost Whisperer - Season - 2
Ghost Whisperer - Season - 3
Ghost Whisperer - Season - 4
Gidget Collection
Gigi-(2) - Special Edition
“G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”- (Chris)
G.I. Joe-Season -1-1
Gilda Live - Warner Archive
Gilligan's Island-3rd Season
The Gilmore Girls-First Season
The Gilmore Girls-4th Season
The Gilmore Girls-5th Season
The Gilmore Girls-6th Season
The Gilmore Girls-7th Season
David Gilmour-On An Island-Wayne's Review
David Gilmour-On An Island-Andy's Review
David Gilmour - Live At Royal Albert Hall - DVD
Jim Gilmour - Great Escape
The Girls Next Door - 3
The Girls Next Door - 4
The Girls Next Door - 5
Girlfriends - Season - 1
Girlfriends - Season - 5
Girlfriends - Season - 6
Girlfriends - Season - 7
Girl Next Door - Unrated Version
Girl Play
Girl With A Pearl Earring
The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Gladiator-Extended Edition
Gladiator-{Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Glee - Season - 1-1
Glory Road
"Gnomeo & Juliet” – {Blu-ray} – (Kaitlin)
Go- {Blu-ray}
Godfather Collection-True History Of The Mafia
The Godfather - "Blu-Ray"- Coppola Restoration
The Godfather - Blu-Ray"- Coppola Restoration - Wayne's Review
The Godfather-2
The Godfather-3
Going My Way
"Going the Distance"- {Blu-ray}
Golden Boys
Golden Compass
Golden Compass - Blue Ray
The Golden Girls- Season -1
The Golden Girls-Season-3
The Golden Girls-Season-3-Wayne's Review
The Golden Girls-Season-4
The Golden Girls - Season - 6
The Golden Girls - Season - 7
Golden Globes - 2006 - Overview by Joseph
Golden Globes - 2006 - Overview By Wayne
Goldfinger - {Blu-ray}
Gomer Pyle - Season -2
Gomer Pyle - Season - 4
Gomer Pyle - Season 5
Gone Baby Gone
Gone In 60 Seconds-Special Edition
Gone With The Wind- Special Edition
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly- {Blu-ray}
The Good, Bad, & Ugly-Special Edition
The Good German
Good Morning Vietnam-Special Edition
Good Night & Good Luck
The Good Shepherd
Good Times - Complete Series
“The Goonies: 25th Anniversary Edition” {Blu-ray}
Gossip Girl - 1st Season
Gossip Girl - 2nd Season
Gossip Girl - 3rd Season
Goya's Ghost
Goya's Ghost - Grady's Review
Goya's Ghost - Wayne's Review
Grace Is Gone
Grand Hotel
Grandma's Boys
Grand Stand-Tricks Of Time
Amy Grant - Greatest Hits - CD
"Gran Torino"- (Chris's Review)-(Standard & Blu-ray Edition)
"Gran Torino"- (Prairie's Review)
Cary Grant - Screen Legends Collection
Grapes Of Wrath
Gray Matters
“Grease”- (Blu-ray)
“Grease: Rockin’ Rydell Edition”
The Great Debaters
Greatest American Hero-1st Season
The Greatest Game Ever Played
The Greatest Game Ever Played - {Blu-ray}
The Greatest Show On Earth
"The Greatest Story Ever Told" - {Blu-ray}
Great Expectations -(1946) - (UK Import)”-{Blu-ray"
The Great Gatsby
(Great Mouse Dectective) - "Mystery In The Mist"
The Great Muppet Caper : Kermit's 50th Edition
The Great New Wonderful
The Great Raid
The Great Rock & Roll Swindel-Sex Pistols
Greek - Chapter - 1
Greek - Chapter - 2
Greek - Chapter - 3
The Green Berets - {Blu-ray}
Green Lantern - {Blu-ray}
Greenburg - {Blu-ray}
The Green Mile - Special Edition
Grey's Anatomy-1st Season
Grey's Anatomy - 2nd Season
Grey's Anatomy - 3rd Season
Grey's Anatomy - 4th Season
Grey's Anatomy - 5th Season
Grey's Anatomy - 6th Season
Grey Gardens -(Prairie)
The Grid
Gridiron Gang
The Andy Griffith Show-1st Season
The Andy Griffith Show -2nd Season
The Andy Griffith Show-3rd Season
The Andy Griffith Show-4th Season
The Andy Griffith Show-5th Season
The Andy Griffith Show-6th Season
The Andy Griffith Show - 7th Season
lThe Andy Griffith Show - 8th & Final Season
Growing Pains-Season-1
The Grudge
The Grudge-Director's Cut
“Grumpy Old Men” (Blu-ray)
The Guardian
"The Guardian" - (Season -1)
Guess Who
Gun” - {Blu-ray}
Gunsmoke - Season - 1
Gunsmoke - 2-2- Season
Gunsmoke - 3-1
Gunsmoke - 3-1- (Wayne's Review)
Gunsmoke - Season-3, V-2
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