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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews N
Nacho Libre
The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad
Nancy Drew
Nanny Mcphee
“Nanny McPhee Returns"
Nanny- Season - 3
Napoleon Dynamite
The Narrows
Nash Bridges - Season - 1
Nash Bridges - Season - 2
(Graham Nash) - "Reflections"
National Security - Special Edition
National Treasure
National Treasure - 2 (2) Disv Version
Nature's Most Amazing Events
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Winds
NCIS - Season - 1
NCIS - Season - 2
NCIS: Los Angeles - 2
NCIS - Season -3
NCIS - Season - 4
NCIS - Season - 5
NCIS - Season - 6
Ned & Stacey- Season 1
Network-Special Edition
The Never Ending Story
"Never Let Me Go"
Never Say Never Again -{Blu-ray} - (Taylor)
The Never Ending Story 2: The Next Chapter
The New Adventures Of Old Christine -1- Wayne
The New Adventures Of Old Christine -1- Taylor
The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete 3rd Season” (DVD-R Burn-on-demand)
New Guy- Special Edition
Bob Newhart-1st Season
Bob Newhart-2nd Season
Bob Newhart-3rd Season
Bob Newhart - 4th Season
Bob Newhart - Button Down Concert
New In Town - (Prairie's Review)
New In Town - (Chris's Review)
Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica: Season 1
Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica: Season 2 & 3
The Paul Newman Collection
{Twilight'} -"New Moon"- (Prairie)
News Radio - Season - 5
Newsradio - Complete Series
The New World
New World - Extended Cut
New Years Eve - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
The Next Best Thing
"The Next Three Days"
"New York, New York" - {Blu-Ray}
Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist
"Nickelback: Live at Sturgis"
Stevie Nicks - Crystal Vision - "Best Of"
Night At The Museum - (MOVIE) Review
“Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Night Court - Season - 2
Night Court - Season - 3
Night Gallery-1st Season
"Night Gallery: Season Two"
Night Gallery - Season 3
The Night Listener
"The Night of the Hunter" - {Blu-ray}
The Night Of The Lepus
Night Of The Living Dead - 40th Anniversary
Nightmare Before Christmas - 3 D - {Bluray)
Nightmare Before Christmas - Collector's Edition
Nightmare & Dreamscapes
“A Nightmare on Elm Street (Two-Disc Infinifilm Special Edition) "
“A Nightmare on Elm Street" - (2010) - {Blu-ray)
Nightranger - Hole In The Sun
Nights in Rodanthe - (Chris's Review)
Night Train
Night Watch
Nikita - Season - 1 - {Bluray}
Nim's Island
Ninja Assassin- {Blu-ray}
Nip-Tuck - 2nd Season
Nip-Tuck - 3rd Season
Nip -Tuck - 4th Season
"Nip/Tuck: Season Five, Part One"
"Nip/Tuck: Season Five, Part Two"
“Nip /Tuck: The Sixth and Final Season”- {Blu-ray}
Nirvana - Live Tonight - Sold Out
Nixon - Election Year Special
Nobel Son
"No Country for Old Men: SE" -(Wayne)-Blu-ray)
No Country For Old Men - Taylor's Review
No Country For Old Men - Wayne's Review
“No Country for Old Men” -(SE)-(2-disc DVD)-(Chris)
No End In Sight
No Good Deed
Nobody's Baby
Nobody's Fool
No Man Is An Island
No Reservation
North & South
North Country
North by Northwest
North by Northwest-{Blu-ray}-(Taylor)
North by Northwest-{Blu-ray}-(Wayne)
Northern Exposure-First Season
Northern Exposure-Second Season
Northern Exposure-Third Season
Northern Exposure - Fifth Season
Northern Exposure - Sixth Season
Northern Exposure - Complete Series
"No Strings Attached" – {Blu-ray} – [Kaitlin]
Not Another Teen Movie - Special Edition
“Not Easily Broken”
The Note
The Note - II
“The Notebook: Limited Edition” (Blu-ray) -(Wayne)
“The Notebook: Limited Edition” (Blu-ray) -(DeAnn)
Notes On A Scandal
Not for Publication
No Time For Sergeants
“Notorious” (2009)
“Notorious”- {Blu-ray}- (2009)
Notorious Bettie Page
Not Without My Daughter
Nowhere Man
“The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: The Complete First Season”
Numbers-1st Season
Numbers -2ndSeason
Numbers - 3rd Season
Numbers - 4th Season
Numbers-5th Season
The Number 23
Nurse Betty
The Nutty Professor 2
NYPD Blue - First Season
NYPD Blue - Second Season
 NYPD Blue - 3rd Season
NYPD Blue - Season - 4  
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