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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews P
The Pacific - Mini Series - {Blu-ray}
The Pacifier
The Painted Veil
Pallas-Dreams Of Men- (2) Disc Version
Pallas-Live From London-Dvd-1985
Tony Palmer's (All You Need Is Love) - History Of Popular Music
Panic In Needle Park
Panic In The Streets
Panic Room-Special "3" Disc Version
Panic Room - Superbit
Panic Room
Pan's Labyrinth - Movie Review - Kaya's Review
Pan's Labyrinth - Movie Review - Wayne's Review
Pan's Labyrinth -2 Disc Version
Pan's Labyrinth - Quinn's Review
Paper Heart
“Paranormal Activity” {Blu-ray}
The Parent Trap
Paris,Texas - {Blu-Ray}
The Partridge Family-Season 1
The Partridge Family-Season-2
The Partridge Family-Season-3
Party Of Five-First Season
Party Of Five-2nd Season
Party Of Five - 3rd Season
“Passengers” (DVD and Blu-Ray)-(Chris)
"Passengers" - (Prairie's Review)
The Passion Of The Christ
The Patriot - Superbit
The Patriot - Tom
The Patriot - PJ
Patriot Games - Special Edition
Patton - (Blue-Ray)
(Paul) - {Blu-ray}
Pauline Kael 1919-2001
Pauly Shore Is Dead
"Pawn Stars" - (Season One) - {Blu-ray}
Pay It Forward
"Peanuts 1960's Collection"
"Peanuts 1970's Collection"- (Vol-1)
"Peanuts 1970's Collection"- (Vol-2)
Pearl Harbor - Commemorative Edition
Pearl Harbor - Director's Edition
Pearl Jam - "Immagine Incornice"
“The Gregory Peck Collection"
Pendragon-Live At Last
"Penelope" - Theatrical Review
Penn & Teller: BS! - Season - 6
The Pennsylvania Miner's Story
People I Know
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Perfect Creature
The Perfect Man
Perfect Score
The Perfect Storm - David
The Perfect Storm - PJ
Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers - Season - 1&2
Tyler Perry-Madea's Family Reunion
Tyler Perry-Madea's Class Reunion
Tyler Perry-I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Tyler Perry-Meet The Browns
Personal Velocity
Peter Pan
Peter Pan: Retun to Never Land
Pete's Dragon-High Flying Edition
Petticoat Junction: Season - 1
Petticoat Junction: Season - 2
Phantom Of The Opera-2004
Phantom of the Paradise
Phase - IV
“Phat Girlz”
(Phish) - "Live In Brooklyn"
(Phish)-"The Clifford Ball"
Phoebe In Wonderland
Phone Booth
Physical Evidence
The Pianist
Picket Fences - Season - 1
Mary Pickford
Pieces Of April
Piglet's Big Movie
Pierrot Le Fou" - (Criterion) - {Blu-ray}
Pierrot Le Fou" - (French Import) - {Blu-ray}
"Pineapple Express"- {2-Disc Unrated} (Prairie's Review)
Pink Floyd : Meddle - A Classic Album Under Review'
“The Pink Panther - Special Edition (2006)”
“The Pink Panther -2”- (Chris's Review)-(2-Disc)
“The Pink Panther- 2”- (Prairie's Review)
“The Pink Panther- 2”- (Taylor's Review)-{Blu-ray}
"Pinocchio" - (70th) Anniversary - {Blu-ray}-(Wayne's Review)
Pioneers Of Primetime
Pirates Of The Caribbean: - "At World's End" - DVD - Review
Pirates Of The Caribbean: - "At World's End" - Movie Review
Pirates Of The Caribbean
"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest" Wayne & Kaya
"Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest"
"Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides" - {Blu-ray} - (Ed)
Pistol Whipped
Pixar Short Film Collection - Vol. - 1
The Plague
Planet Earth
Planet Earth - (Warner Archives)
Planet Earth - (Six Disc)
Planet Of The Apes- 35th Anniversary
"Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection"
Planet Terror
Planet Terror- {Blu-ray}
Plastic Man - Complete Collection
Robert Plant - Nine Lives
"Platoon" - (25th Anniversary Edition) - {Blu-ray}
Platoon - 20th Anniversary-2 Disc Version
Pocahontas-10th Anniversary
Pioneers Of TV
"Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition"
Point Pleasant
(Poison Ivy) -{4} "Secret Society"
Sidney Poitier Collection - (DeAnn's Review)
The Poker Club
Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired
Polar Express
Poltergeist - {Blu-ray}
Poltergeist 2 & 3
Poltergeist-The Legacy-Season-1
Poltergeist - 25th Anniversary
Poltergeist - 25th Anniversary - Wayne's Review
Ponyo - {Blu-ray} -(Wayne)
Ponyo - {Blu-ray} -(Stephanie)
Poor Boy's Game
Popeye The Sailor - Vo l -1 - 1933 - 38
Popeye The Sailor - Vo l -2 - 1938 - 40
Popeye The Sailor - Vo l -3 - 1941 - 43
Mary Poppins - 45th Anniversary Edition
Popular-1st Season
Porcupine Tree-Deadwing
Porco Rosso
Porky's - Ultimate Collection
Poseidon - {Blu-ray}
"Poseidon: 2-Disc Special Edition"
"Posse"- {Blu-ray}
Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Lightning Strike
Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Looming Thunder
Precious - (Prairie)
Precious - (Grady)
"Predators" - (Chris)
Predators - Movie Review - 2010 - (Wayne)
Predator-Special Edition
Predator-2: Special Edition
The President's Analyst
Pretender- 1st Season
Pretender-2nd Season
Pretender-3rd Season
Pretender - 4th Season
Pretty Baby
The Presidents - PBS Collection
The Prestige - DVD Review
The Prestige - Movie Review
“Pretty in Pink: Everything’s Duckie Edition”
Pretty In Pink - 80's Edition
Pretty Maids All In A Row
Pretty Woman-15th Anniversary Special Edition
(Pretty Woman) - {Blu-Ray}-"Dave's Review"
Vincent Price - Scream Legend Collection
Price Of Sugar
Pride And Glory- 2-Disc Special Edition -(Prairie)
Pride And Glory-(Wayne)
"Pride and Glory" -{Blu-Ray} -(DeAnn's Review)
Pride & Prejudice - 10th Anniversary
Pride & Prejudice
(Priest) - {Blu-ray}
"Primal Fear - {Blu-ray} - (Taylor)
"Primal Fear - {Blu-ray}- (Wayne)
“Primeval” (Complete Seasons One and Two)
“Primeval”- (Vol-2)
“Prince and the NPG – Diamonds and Pearls”
"The Prince and The Pauper"- (Disney Animation Collection, Vol. 3)
“Prince of Persia": (The Sands of Time) - (Chris's Review)
The Princess & The Frog" - {Blu-ray} - (Dave)
The Princess & The Frog" - (Chris)
The Princess Bride - 20th Anniversary Edition
The Princess Bride - {Blu-ray}
Princess Protection Program
The Princess Diaries-2
Prison Break - 1st Season
Prison Break - 2nd Season
Prison Break - 3rd Season
"Prison Break"- (Final Break) - {Blu-ray}
“The Prisoner: The Complete Series Megaset (40th Anniversary)”
The Prisoner-Complete Series-{Blu-ray} -(Taylor)
The Prisoner-Complete Series-{Blu-ray} -(Wayne)
The Prisoner - (Mini Series)
Private Parts
Private Practice - Season - 1
Private Practice - Season - 2
"Private Practice" - Season - (3)
"Private Practice" - Season - (4)
Private Valentine
The Producers-2005
Profiler-Season 2
Profiler-Season 3
Profiler - 4th Season
Profit-Complete Series
Pro Football -Hall Of Fame- 85 Years Of Greatness
Project Runway-1st Season
(Prom) - {Blu-ray}
The Proposal -(Prairie)
The Proposal - (Chris)
The Proposal - (Wayne)
“The Proposition”
Proto-Kaw - The Wait Of Glory
Prozac Nation
P.S. I Love You
Psych - 2nd Season
Psycho - Legacy - (2) Disc Edition
Psycho: 50th Anniversary Edition" {Blu-ray}-(Wayne)
“Public Enemies”- {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Pucca - Ninjas Love Noodles
Pucca - Kung Fu Kisses
"Pulp Fiction" - (Polish Import) - {Blu-ray}
“Pulse 3”
“Punisher: War Zone” (Single disc DVD, 2-disc DVD, and Blu-Ray)
"Punisher: War Zone"-{Blu-ray}
Punky Brewster - 3rd Season
Push- (Chris's Review)
The Pusher
Pushing Daisies - Season - 1
Pushing Daisies - Season - 2
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