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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews R
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Race To Witch Mountain-(Chris)
Race To Witch Mountain-(Prairie)
Race To Witch Mountain - {Blu-Ray}
Race With the Devil
"Rachel Getting Married" - (Prairie)
"Rachel Getting Married" - (Taylor)-{Blu-ray}
Radioland Murders
"Raging Bull"- {Blu-ray}
Raging Bull -Special Edition
Rail & Ties
"Rain Man" - {Blu-ray}
Rain Man- Special Edition
Rainmaker - Special Edition
Rains Came
Raising Helen
"Raising The Bar" - (Season - 1)
Rambo - Complete Collector's Set
Rammock - Berlin Undead
The Ramones - Its Alive - "74-96"
"Ran” - {Blu-ray}
Ransom-Special Edition
Rat Patrol-1st Season
Rat Race - Collector's Edition
The Rats
Raw Heat
Rawhide - Season-1
Rawhide - Season -2-1
Rawhide - Season -2-2
Rawhide - Season - 3-1
Rawhide - Season -3-2
The Razor's Edge
The Razor's Edge-1946
“Reaching for the Stars-A review of programs covering the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11”
"The Reader" - (Prairie's Review)
"The Reader" - (Chris's Review)
Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Vol. 1
Real Housewives Of Orange County - Season - 1
Real Steel - {Blu-ray}
The Real World: New York - First Season
The Reaping - HD
Rear Window - Special Edition
Reba-1st Season
Reba-3rd Season
Reba-6th Season
Rebecca - {Bluray}
The Recruit
"Red" - (2010)
Red Dragon - Collector's Edition
Red Eye
Red Garters
Red Planet
(Red Planet) - {Blu-ray}
"Red Riding Hood" - {Blu-ray}
Reds - HD - Edition
Red Sand-Gentry
Red Sands
"The Red Shoes"- 2006
Red Dwarf - Back To Earth
Red Tails - {Blu-ray}- (Ed)
Reefer Madness-The Musical
The Reflecting Pool
Regarding Henry
Reign of Fire
Reindeer Games - Director's Edition
Relic Hunter: Best Of 1 & 2
“Religulous”- (Chris)
R.E.M.-"Reckoning" (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
Remains of the Day - Special Edition
Remember Me - {Blu-ray}
Remember The Titans
Remington Steele-1st Season
Remington Steele-2nd Season
Remington Steele-3rd Season
Remington Steele - 4th & 5th Season
Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins
Ren & Stimpy-1st &2nd Seasons
Ren & Stimpy-Season Three & A Half-ish
Ren & Stimpy-Season 5 & Some More Of 4
Ren & Stimpy - The Lost Episodes
Reno 911- 5th Season
Reno 911- 6th Season
Reno 911 - Miami -Busted More Then Ever
Requiem for a Dream
Repo Man-Special Edition
Repo Men - {Blu-ray}
“Repulsion”- {Blu-ray}
Rescue Me - Season - 4
Rescue Me - Season - 5-1
Rescue Me - Season - 5-2
The Rescuers
Reservation Road
Reservoir Dogs - 15th Anniversary Edition
Reservoir Dogs - Special Edition
"The Resident" - {Blu-ray}
Resident Evil": (Afterlife) - (3D) - {Blu-ray} - (Chris)
Resident Evil-Apocalypse
Resident Evil-Apocalypse - Kim's Review
(Resident Evil) - "Degeneration"- {Blu-Ray}
Resident Evil - Superbit
Resident Evil-Special Edition
Rest Stop
Resurrecting The Champ
"Return Of The Mummy"
Return To House On Haunted Hill
Return To Neverland
Return To Peyton Place
Return From Witch Mountain
"Return From Witch Mountain"-(Special Edition)
Return Of the Magnificent Seven - {Blu-ray}
Return to the Blue Lagoon
"Revenge" (Season- 1) - (DVD)
Revolver - 2007
"Revolutionary Road"-(Bluray)
"Revolutionary Road"-(Prairie's Review)
"Revolutionary Road"-(Chris's Review) - Standard & Blu-ray
(Emitt Rhodes) -"The Emitt Rhodes Recordings"
The Riches - Season - 1
"Rightous Kill" - (Prairie's Review)
"Rightous Kill" - (Blu-ray)
The Ring
Rio Grande - Collector's Edition
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not- Starring Robert L. Ripley”
Rise Of The Planet of the Apes - {Blu-ray}
"The Rite" - {Blu-ray} - (James)
"The Rite" - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
The River's Edge - 1956
Riverside-Second Life Syndrome
The Road - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
“Roar: The Complete Series”
“The Robe” - {Blu-ray}
"Robin Hood" - (2010) - {Blu-ray} - (Chris)
"Robin Hood" - (2010) - {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Robin Hood - Season - 1 - BBC
Robin Hood - Season - 3- BBC
Robinson Crusoe On Mars
Robocop Trilogy
Rock School
"The Rocker"
The Rockford Files-Season -1
The Rockford Files - Season-2
The Rockford Files - Season - 3
The Rockford Files - Season - 4
The Rockford Files - Season - 5
The Rockford Files - Season - (5) - Wayne's Review
The Rockford Files - Season 6
RocknRolla- 2-Disc - (Prairie's Review)
RocknRolla- 2-Disc - (Wayne's' Review)
"RockNRolla"- {Blu-Ray} (DeAnn)
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends - Season - 1
"Rocky" - {Blu-ray,DigiBook}
Rocky: "The Undisputed Collection"- {Blu-ray}
Rocky Horror Special- 2 Disc Version
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection
Role Models
Roller Boogie
Romancing The Stone - SE
"Roman Holiday: The Centennial Collection"
Rome Complete Series - {Blu-ray}
Rome - Season - 1
Rome - Season - 2
Tony Rome
Romeo & Juliet-68
“The Rookie” - {Blu-ray}
Rookie Blue - (Season - 1) - {Blu-ray}
Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection
Roots - The Next Generation
Rory O'Shea Was Here
Roseanna-1st Season
Rose Red
Roswell-First Season
Roswell-Second Season
Roswell-Third Season
Rounders-Special Edition
Route 66 Season - 1-1
(Royal Wedding) - "William & Catherine"- {BBC}
RPWL-World Through My Eyes -Wayne's Review
RPWL-World Through My Eyes-Jason's Review
The Ruins
Rules Of Engagement -2
Rumble Fish-Special Edition
Rum Diary - {Blu-ray}
The Runaways - {Blu-ray)
Rumor Has It
Runaway Jury
Rush-(R-30)- Anniversary DVD
Rush-Vapor Trails
"Rush Hour" - {Blu-ray}
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