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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Rush-R30 - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Label - Zoe Records
Reviewed by: Jason Carzon
Genre: Prog Rock
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length: 122:30
Release Date: November 22, 2005
Zoe Records
Band Members: Geddy Lee / bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers Alex Lifeson / electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
  Neil Peart / drums & percussion
  Disc 1 (61:19) Disc 2 (61:11)
Track Listing: 1.)- R30 Overture 1.)-Between The Wheels
  2.)-The Spirit Of The Radio 2.)-Mystic Rythms
  3.)- Force Ten 3)-Der Trommler
  4.)- Animate 4.)-Resist (acoustic)
  5.)-Subdivisions 5.)-Heart Full Of Soul (acoustic)
  6.)-Earthshine 6.)-2112 (Overture, The Temples Of Syrinx, Grand Finale)
  7.)-Red Barchetta 7.)-Xanadu
  8.)-Roll The Bones 8.)-Working Man
  9.)-The Seeker 9.)-Summertime Blues
  10.)-Tom Sawyer 10.)-Crossroads
  11.)- Dreamline 11.)-Limelight
The Review

Now that Rush has entered the DVD age, nothing short of the best has seen release so far. A Rush live DVD is usually two discs packed with extras and features. The first live DVD, 2003's 'RUSH IN RIO' captured the Canadian power trio live in South America at the end of their return tour in support of 2002's VAPOR TRAILS, the first RUSH album since 1996. That DVD and subsequent live CD album was a lively show focusing on the band's live energy and their South American fans going bonkers. As enertaining as that was, the sound quality was perhaps a little too muddy and abrasive for some and often the audience was louder than Rush. Fortunately not so with R30, filmed live in Frankfurt on Rush' s 30th anniversary/Feedback tour. Though the sound doesn't match the glossiness of earlier videos like A SHOW OF HANDS(1989), it's still miles better than RUSH IN RIO. This is more like a Rush live release, and has a good flavor of familiarity without nostalgia. Though billed as a '30th Anniversary Tour', Rush stay current and avoid the pitfalls of your usual 'reunion' tour where a band plays nothing but old material(YES and ELP, stand up please). There's at least one track each from every RUSH album from the debut up to the latest material from VAPOR TRAILS and FEEDBACK. The one exception is 1989's PRESTO, oddly enough. Don't think the band liked that one too much. But Rush are as alive as ever and have a timeless quality to them.*** Having already released RUSH IN RIO in 2002 and DIFFERENT STAGES in 1998, another live album with some of the same set would have been a little too much, so unless you get the special edition DVD, there is no live CD to coincide with this set. Even so, a number of tracks were omitted to avoid repetition such as BRAVADO, TREES, FREEWILL, the early medley and YYZ. However there are plenty of the more obscure and period songs such as material from their covers album FEEDBACK, the R30 medley which features a slew of snippets of early teasers and even a few from the less fanfared 80's era such as MYSTIC RHYTHMS and a blistering BETWEEN THE WHEELS from 1984's GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, a personal favorite. And of course Neil's solo, now under the title of DER TROMMLER, which seems to grow more elaborate and mindblowing each time it appears on a live record or DVD. The man plays so good it's just sick. Another mention must go to the videos and intros that go with some of these songs which just enhances them and gives them an even more mythical quality, some of them moving and some of them humorous- such as the short which sets up TOM SAWYER which features 'bobblehead' figurines of the band being attacked by the VAPOR TRAILS dragon.*** As for the extras, Rush do not disappoint. The second disc includes early promo clips of songs like CIRCUMSTANCES, and check out how young Neil looks in the FLY BY NIGHT video. Plenty of vintage interviews from throughout the years, with the band discussing their craft, influences and dreams. These include a Geddy interview around 1979 talking about touring and the new direction of the band(which at the time was the slicker and upbeat PERMENANT WAVES), and fairly decent length interviews during the PRESTO and COUNTERPARTS eras. I would have liked to have seen more 80's interviews, since RUSH were quite successful during the 1984-88 period, but there's plenty here. More than most would put on their DVD's. Perhaps we'll see more period interviews and extras when Rush eventually rerelease EXIT STAGE LEFT and A SHOW OF HANDS on DVD.*** As mentioned, the 'special edition' features a live 2-CD set of the DVD as well as a booklet, 2 guitar picks and a lamenated sticker. Well worth your money, plus it's always good to have the CD version of it for the car. Rush have always been about the music, and have never done anything less than satisfactory. This is a must purchase.


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